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Participation in International Association for Scandinavian Studies (IASS) Conference 2021
Memory Culture in Scandinavian Studies

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Vilnius University August 3-6, 2021

Keynote lecture (August 5)
Prof. Jürg Glauser: Memory and the Medieval North: An overview and some case studies
Panels: Pre-Modern Nordic Memory Culture (August 4)

Panel I
Pernille Hermann A Seat in Ægir’s Hall. Mnemonics in Old Norse Myths
Kate Heslop The poetry machine: visualizing and memorizing sound in medieval Iceland
Patrizia Huber Constant renewal and genre memory: How letters subvert a static understanding of genre
Marie Novotná Revenants in Old Norse literature as embodied memory

Panel II
Lena Rohrbach Retelling the saga. Genre traditions and memory in late premodern Icelandic sagas and literary history
Timon von Mentlen Blended and Translated Memories: An Unorthodox Translation at the End of the 18th Century
Stephen Mitchell Memoria, rhetoric, and the lawman tradition: Þorgnýr’s oration in Óláfs saga helga
Lukas Rösli Staging orality to construct a cultural memory in Old Norse-Icelandic literature

“Magic and Memory in the Pre-Modern North”

Seminar (University of Helsinki, 25–29 October 2021)
Coordinated by Stephen A. Mitchell
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Call for Applications
Deadline for applications: 31 May 2021


Jürg Glauser, Pernille Hermann, Stephen A. Mitchell, and Lena Rohrbach (eds.)
De Gruyter
First volume forthcomming 2021
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