Handbook of Pre-Modern Nordic Memory Studies

Interdisciplinary Approaches

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The Handbook of Pre-Modern Nordic Memory Studies – Interdisciplinary Approaches was published in two volumes by de Gruyter in Berlin in 2018.

Editors: Jürg Glauser (Zürich/Basel, Switzerland), Pernille Hermann (Aarhus, Denmark), Stephen A. Mitchell (Harvard, USA)

In recent years, the field of Memory Studies has emerged as a key approach in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and has increasingly shown its ability to open new windows on Nordic Studies as well. The entries in this book document the work-to-date of this approach on the pre-modern Nordic world (mainly the Viking Age and the Middle Ages, but including as well both earlier and later periods). Given that Memory Studies is an ever expanding critical strategy, the approximately eighty contributors in this volume also discuss the potential for future research in this area. Topics covered range from texts to performance to visual and other aspects of material culture, all approached from within an interdisciplinary framework. International specialists, coming from such relevant fields as archaeology, mythology, history of religion, folklore, history, law, art, literature, philology, language, and mediality, offer assessments on the relevance of Memory Studies to their disciplines and show it at work in case studies. Finally, this handbook demonstrates the various levels of culture where memory had a critical impact in the pre-modern North and how deeply embedded the role of memory is in the material itself.  


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